Buona Pasqua | Happy Easter

easterYou might not get to see the Easter bunny hopping around if you live in Italy, but that’s not to say we don’t have our own share of Easter rituals and traditions. Posted by Aimee McBride

Here in Florence, or ANG headquarters as we like to call it, Easter is celebrated with a bang. Literally.

Head to mass at Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, in the centre of the city, and you’ll get to see the Scoppio del Carro.  Scoppio del Carro is Italian for ‘giant cart dragged through the city by white oxen and later hit by a dove shaped rocket launched by the city’s archbishop that sets off a giant fireworks display’. Okay, so that is a really rough translation, but we are sure you get the idea.

If you are visiting the Italian Renaissance capital, you’ll want to stick around after the display so that you can see the locals take part in a medieval-inspired parade.

For those who aren’t religious, another great reason to visit Florence is to buy your own designer ANG kids fashion pieces.

We sell in a number of local boutiques and are always happy to share our fashion inspiration with new customers. So make sure to look out for us.

Buona Pasqua,



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