She’s just too choosy! Tutu dilemmas and dress up successes …

ANG 4 U Tutus celebrate girls being girls.
ANG 4 U Tutus celebrate girls being girls.

It was once resigned for ballerinas and dress up parties, but now the humble tutu is making a comeback and entering kids wardrobes around the globe.

My first tutu was a soft pink colour and came with its very own matching wand and princess-inspired crown.

I remember the first time I pulled on those industrious layers of netting and twirling in circles – an act that to my delight led to it flaring up in the air and floating back down beside my narrow hips in a way only characters from Disney movies can truly understand.

A present from my elder sister, this particular tutu was bought as part of a fancy dress outfit.

But far from being something I wore to costume parties, it became an essential part of my fashion wardrobe.

Wearing a tutu over jeans? Tick. Trying them out with Ugg boots? Done.  Colour coordinating my tutu so that it matched my tights, top and crown? Why even ask, the answer is obviously yes!

So when I heard news that a lot of young girls stepping outside in their very own tutu, I was more than just a little bit happy.

Okay. So they may not be pink, but they still have that vintage charm that led me to fall in love with the skirt in the first place.

Delicate yet durable these tulle skirts come in a variety of colours and designs that feature everything from polka dots to dusty pastels and detailed bead work.

The beginnings of her next tutu.
The beginnings of her next tutu.

At ANG we have taken our tutu inspiration from the carnival season and made our own range of tutus that can be worn to all sorts of special events – and are perfect of everyday dress ups too.

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